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Superpos Company was established in 2007 by a group of IT professionals. With an increasing strength of about 9 staff, we are able to achieve continuous success in all field automations projects we take up. As an IT related company Superpos thrust in the industry is customer oriented ie research and development, management, consultation, sales and backup.

Our Mission is to achieve a concrete success in the Industry and build the Brand Image of the company beyond the heights and achieve our goals of being one among the successful companies and provide the maximum customer satisfaction and provide the products for the changing trends of the life styles. Growing with Customer Satisfaction is the leading motto behind our company.

Solutions: We sell solutions and not products; Human Innovation: We believe it is our only competitive asset; Integrity: We keep our word in deed; Fairness: We seek maximum benefit and equal treatment for all; Environment: We are stewards of its true owners, the next generation; Equal Opportunity: Recruitment and career open to talent regardless of colour or gender

Organisational Structure:
In order to ensure a focused approach to providing its services, Superpos is structured into the following service delivery excellence areas:
. Information Technology Outsourcing
. IT Support
. System integration
. Point of sale systems
. Point of sale software
. Finance point of sale
. Assembling of point of sale and computer Hardware

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